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NewSpring held their first service in their newly renovated 1,400 seat facility in Wichita, KS in 2021. Originally designed for a great viewing experience. the room now boasts an impressive Definition audio system with active acoustics and a facility-wide control system.

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The biggest win on this, I think, is every seat in the house sounds good, which we did not have before. When you've got a room that holds 1,600 people, that's become very, very critical. I think that we feel that in worship all the way around.

Billy Poore, Executive Pastor, NewSpring Church


“Then you get this new acoustic system, and our very first weekend with it, the crowd’s response was overwhelming. I can hear people singing and their engagement. Something was different, the experience completely shifted for the congregation, and it was because they finally felt the other people around them singing too. And it was contagious.”

Austin Renfroe, Worship Pastor, NewSpring Church


“If I could talk to any Pastor out there, getting the sound right in a large auditorium is always an extraordinarily difficult thing. There are so many people that tell you that they can do this. I have to say this is about WAVE, at least as far as my experience goes, they're the only company that I know of that has really been able to do what they promised they could do.”

Mark Hoover, Lead Pastor, NewSpring Kansas


Definition Acoustic System

Concert-Level Audio

Broadcast-Quality A & V

Facility-wide Control System

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