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Welcome to Spire.

Who we are:


Our commitment to stewardship and pursuit of innovation drive us to enhance worship experiences through authentically designed venues. 

We are a collective of skilled storytellers using audio, video, and lighting to deliver extraordinary experiences for every audience member.


Hear the Wave difference for yourself.


Connect with our Design Team.


Virtually explore one of our projects.

What to do:


Our why:

We believe in the power of a single human experience.

Carbon Fiber

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Cutout Saddle

This is your About paragraph. Write a short introduction about yourself, your product or a specific feature.


You have a unique vision, so we approach your project with curiosity and dig deep to uncover solutions that are authentic to your culture.


As we begin our solutions and design process, we design with affordable solutions that will ensure long-term use and satsifaction.

  • An authentic experience in your venue requires intentionality in your approach to AVL. Simply having the right equipment is insufficient to create a meaningful experience. It is through tailored and well-crafted solutions that the true essence of your organization's vision is extended. Visitors to your spaces anticipate an immersive encounter with your distinct mission, and it is innovative design that preserves the integrity of your audio, visual, and lighting elements in alignment with that mission. By proactively prioritizing intentional design from the outset, you are making a strategic investment in a solution that not only remains adaptable to evolving visions, but also enables their growth in the future.

  • Don't just take our word for it. We're happy to provide tours of recent projects we've completed and let you hear the difference yourself.

  • We have a long pedigree of successful projects and satisfied clients. Many of our clients work with us again and again on expansions and additional facilities. Our references are available for contact upon request, and all have worked with us on a recent or current project.

  • The sooner you bring WAVE into your project, the more likely we're able to help save you money through building costs. We do our best work when we come in early alongside architects and client representatives.

  • We work with all major audio-visual brands and use over 1,100 vendors. You could say we’re “brand agnostic” but we like to just say we’re willing to customize every aspect to meet your vision. No project is the same as we use different products in every one. If you're looking for a specific product for your project, we can get it.

  • Through regular project meetings and updates, our team ensures you we are on budget and on time. We believe in not just great results, but great processes to get your project across the finish line.

Your questions, answered.

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